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We have legal experts with the knowledge and experience to give you the right advice. We also provide free legal advice through the Community Legal Service (Legal Aid) should you qualify for it:

Criminal Law Solicitors

We operate a 24-hour, 7 days a week service to anybody requiring advice at a Police Station. The advice is provided FREE OF CHARGE whatever you financial circumstances.

Being accused of a criminal offence is something that happens to other people - or is it?

It could happen to you. You could be arrested for drink driving, defending yourself in a fight, or walking out of a shop having forgotten to pay for any item. These are just a few of the situations in which you could find yourself coming into contact with the police.

On arrival at the police station, the custody officer will ask, “Do you want to speak to a solicitor?”

  • Do you? - Perhaps you have never needed one before.
  • The only solicitors you can recall dealt with your house purchase 10 years ago. Will they do?
  • Are they going to get out of bed at 4.00 am to talk to you?
  • What is it going to cost you?

Don't hesitate – take some advice from us. It is your right and legal advice at the Police Station is FREE OF CHARGE.

Remember, requesting legal advice will not lengthen your detention in custody.

At moments of crisis you need someone on your side. Can you think of any good reason not to take advice?

Ask for legal representation from Myer Wolff.

If you are charged with an offence, you will have to attend Court. How your case proceeds thereafter may depend on a number of issues:

  • Are you eligible for funding (formerly known as "legal aid")?
  • How strong is the evidence against you?
  • Do you have a defence?
  • Should you plead Guilty or Not Guilty?
  • Will your case proceed to the Crown Court?

There will be a number of decisions you will have to make. Without legal expertise can you be sure your case is being conducted in the best way?

Myer Wolff have a team of the most respected Criminal Defence Lawyers in Hull, comprising of experienced Solicitors and Accredited Legal Representatives, enabling us to provide a comprehensive service. In addition our Contract with the Criminal Defence Service guarantees a quality service.

So if the unthinkable ever happens to you, ask for us.

For expert legal advice from Hull Criminal Law Solicitors telephone us on 01482 223693 or e-mail us on Talk to us

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